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All Online CEUs Will Be Held Via Zoom Therefore Anyone Can Register
Location is Not an Issue. Participants Will be limited to 100

 All registrants will be able to log in 15 minutes before the presentation.

CEU certificates will be sent via email once the evaluation is submitted. 

August 17th - Cassandra Goldsmith, MSW
Time: 10A-1P

Location: Virtual
CEUs: 3

Title: Substance Use Disorder and Interventions: Abstinence Vs Harm Reduction

Presenter Bio:

Cassandra Goldsmith is a Specialized Medical Case Manager in South Carolina, where she
conducts assessments for benefit eligibility for medications and referrals for mental health and
substance use disorder. Her role includes engaging with clients and providing resources and
services to support them, connecting with agencies and family/friends to build support in the
community, and helping manage individuals affected by chronic illnesses. She facilitates
psychoeducation to provide knowledge for high-risk behaviors affecting interpersonal
relationships. With a background in human services and customer service, Cassandra has eight
years of experience with individuals navigating substance use disorder.
Cassandra's passion for her work is palpable in her focus on the impact of trauma, mental health,
and substance use disorders on individuals in the community. Her mission is clear: to assist others
in understanding the disease of addiction and to build a strong support system for recovery and
health. She is driven to educate communities and individuals on the support and services needed
to assist individuals and contribute to building and rebuilding lives. Her master’s
degree in social work from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC, is a testament to
her commitment to her field.


Proficient Understanding of Harm Reduction in SUD. The objective is to ensure clinicians
acquire a comprehensive grasp of harm reduction within the context of Substance Use Disorder (SUD).
This includes clearly defining harm reduction, elucidating its principles, and exploring the strategies

September 13th - Ginger Culbertson, LISW-CP, LMFT, LPC

Time 11A-3P (Lunch Provided)

Location: AHEC Greenville-104 South Venture Drive, Greenville, SC 26915

CEUs: 4

Title: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed in the 1970s by John Grinder, a linguist, and Richard Bandler. It resulted in a set of teachable skills based on video analysis and interviews with the leading therapists of the time: Fritz Perls, Virginia Satir, and Milton Erickson. It developed skills for building rapport, supporting clean communication, understanding behavior based on the five sensory channels, and accessing the corresponding neurological networks. Clear strategies for creating change were developed.  It is one of the few paradigmatic methods with a clearly stated written set of presuppositions. Notably, Francine Shapiro, the developer of EMDR, began developing her model after completing her training in NLP.  This training will include experiential exercises to learn basic skills and at least two change sequences that can be used in clinical practice... as well as life.


1.      Overview of the development of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

2.      Description of establishing Anchors in various sensory channels with demonstration and practice.

3.      Overview of the five basic change strategies of NLP

4.      Demonstrating one of the more basic change strategies with participant opportunity to practice and develop these in experiential exercises.


Presenter Bio:

Ginger Culbertson has worked in the field of mental health since 1975. She graduated from Furman University with a major in Philosophy and studied theology, cross-cultural communication, and psychology at Fuller Seminary. She attained her M.S.W. at the New York University School of Social Work in 1982.  She was first exposed to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 1978 while living in California. NLP was in its early stages of development. After leaving New York and returning to Greenville, SC, she found a wonderful trainer and began being trained in NLP with John Linder, LMFT, under the auspices of The Southern Institute of NLP.  She has also had training in Erickson hypnotic techniques. She participated in international training in Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the institute. She is an advanced practitioner of NLP and utilizes these skills in her psychotherapeutic work with individuals, couples, and families and in performance enhancement as a ballroom dancer. She loves horses, hiking, cycling, and generally being outdoors. It is a special delight to acquaint other people with the paradigm of NLP and to help others develop skills for enhancing their own lives and for psychotherapists to utilize these skills to improve their work with their clients.

October 10th – Jill Jones, LISW-CP​

Time: 6:30P-8:30P

Location: Virtual

CEUs: 2

Title: Weaving PolyVagal Perspective and Interventions into Clinical Practice


Presenter Bio:

After 14 years as a public and private educator in SC, Jill followed her second avocation by earning an MSW from the University of SC in 2002.  Since then, she has been a licensed clinical social worker in direct care, program development, and administration in hospice, rural clinical practice, college counseling, residential treatment, and private practice.  Jill has been at Bay Laurel Center for Psychotherapy in Greenville, SC, since 2014, where she currently focuses on general adult psychotherapy, consultations for autistic adults and their families, clinical supervision, and community education.  Specialties include neurodiversity (autism, ADHD, HSP, etc.), chronic pain and illness, loss and grief, Gottman Couples Therapy (Level 2), and, more recently, polyvagal-informed practice. Jill is a certified Safe and Sound Protocol provider, a vagal nerve stimulation intervention using modulated sound frequencies. 



1.     The participant will be able to identify the primary components of polyvagal theory and its perspective on autonomic nervous system function.

2.     The participant will be able to identify the polyvagal mind states in clients using verbal and nonverbal cues.

3.     The participant will be able to recall polyvagal interventions that can supplement current clinical practice.eCEUS opportunities are in person at various locations.  Location information is included but will also be emailed to all registrants.

CU ertificates are provided on-site once the evaluation is submittedSCSSW is a permanent CEU provider for the SC licsing board and the Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy &

November 15th - Jennifer Massey, LISW-CP

Time: 12P-3:30P (Lunch Provided)

Location: AHEC Greenville-104 South Venture Drive, Greenville SC 29615

CEUs: 3

Title: Internal Family Systems Overview

During the upcoming workshop, participants will gain insight into the essential principles and methodologies of Internal Family Systems (IFS). The session will explore applying these concepts and techniques across various contexts to facilitate individual development and contribute to the therapeutic process.


To establish IFS as...
1.  A theoretical framework 
2.  A set of mental health tools 
3.  A treatment process
4.  A spiritual practice

Presenter Bio:  
Jennifer Massey is the co-founder of Still Wind Ministries. In addition to running her private counseling practice, she has served Still Wind in many capacities fueled by her passion for helping bridge the gap to access and utilization of community mental health services in Upstate, SC. She believes mental health is a pillar of a safe and thriving community. Jennifer specializes in trauma recovery, mental health well-being, and relationship repair. She utilizes Internal Family Systems, spiritually oriented psychotherapy, Family Systems, EMDR, and Mindful CBT. She is experienced in treating neurodivergent individuals and their families.  Jennifer provides several unique adaptations to wellness through Counseling Discipleship, Nature-Based Counseling, and Retreat Style Counseling services. Jennifer's diverse education includes a BA in Psychology, a minor in Sociology, and a Master's of Social Work. Her understanding of people is rooted in Family Systems and Internal Family Systems (IFS) theories. Additional mental health modalities are utilized, such as Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Mindful CBT, nature-based, spiritual integration, and animal-assisted therapy alongside Sonny Boy, her King Charles Cavalier.




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SCSCSW has not vetted all of the opinions, findings, recommendations, or conclusions expressed by our guest presenters. We do not necessarily endorse the material presented as being effective and appropriate within your individual practices. You are responsible for using your own clinical ethics and knowledge of your skills to determine whether and how this material is utilized within your clinical work. We also reserve the right to substitute a qualified instructor for any presentation due to unforeseen circumstances.
    What I love about this organization is the wealth of knowledge embodied within a small group of people.  Yet, it represents decades of healing across the nation and helping people become more intune with their parts.  This work is not just about the outcome; it is about the journey.  

    Tamara Houston   LISW-CP, BC-TMH     Former President        

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