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Study Group Series Spring 2021


All Study Groups Meet on Fridays. Programs are presented 12:30 - 3:30 PM, and 3 CEUs are awarded. 

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March 11, 2022

I'm Not Junk; I'm Purposely Made: ADHD Throughout the Lifespan.

Presented by Dr. Rogers-Larke

This presentation focuses on the research related to ADHD, framing the current understanding in a new way. Many therapists state they work with ADHD but have only the most cursory knowledge of the disorder. Therefore, it is essential to look at reframing this as a disorder of Emotional Regulation, exploring the impact of RSD. We will also examine the prevailing idea that one outgrows ADHD.

Bio: Dr. Rogers-Larke has been a practicing therapist for 30 years, working in various settings, roles, and populations. Her diagnosis of ADHD in her early 20's focused her attention on the research in this area, infusing her practice. Currently, she works as a therapist and a Life Coach for this population and those highly traumatized and/or with behavioral issues.


April 8, 2022 

Discovering and Owning Our Power to Reduce Racial Health Disparities

Presented by: Reketta Peterson LPC

The presentation starts with defining bias, prejudice, and racism. Participants will be encouraged to use somatic language to define their response to topics and use the physical responses to guide their awareness to personal work on bias, prejudice, and racism. Participants will be asked to consider how viewing the world through their current lens could attribute to the 60% of maternal deaths that are preventable according to the Center for Disease Control. The presenter introduces a framework that starts a path towards intentional action. An important step in the scope of work and to the ability to congeal lectures and concepts into actionable steps. The final level of the framework involves leading accountability groups for white providers and/or staff and cultivating affinity spaces for Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) providers and/or staff.


  1. Participants will walk away with a historical overview of medical racism and the effects seen in present-day interactions between the medical field and BIPOC communities 

  2. Awareness and considerations of interpersonal interactions caused by emotions and the role they play in the ability to attune to our client’s needs 

  3. Burnout reduction wellness hour

  4. What intentional action can look like to promote and reaffirm dignity within our clients and reduce health disparities in America

Bio: Reketta Peterson is a Licensed Professional Counselor, sex therapist, and health equity consultant located in the state of Alaska. Reketta teaches social and emotional learning to healthcare professionals to reduce emotional dysregulation and burnout, leading to stronger ties to their environment and community. Reketta enjoys swimming and taking naps in her free time.


May 13, 2022

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Starting From the Basics." 

Presented by:  Courtney Eidson, LISW-CP

Research shows only one out of 44 mental health providers feel comfortable and/or competent working with the Autistic population. This presentation will provide information about the history of Autism Spectrum as well as an understanding of the impact of ASD not only on individuals but also the family unit. Participants will learn about the prevalence of ASD as well as diagnostic criteria. In addition, discussion will include the topic of strengths and struggles faced by autistic persons in therapeutic, academic, and community settings and interventions that have been beneficial.




  1. Participants will gain knowledge about the history of Autism Spectrum Disorder and changes across time including but not limited to interventions

  2. Awareness of the prevalence of ASD, potential reasons behind continued increasing numbers, services available

  3. Understanding of diagnostic criteria and assessments available

  4. Strengths of autistic persons

  5. Struggles of not only the autistic person but the family as a whole

  6. Interventions for clinical, academic, and community settings


Bio. of Presenters:

Courtney Eidson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive training in ASD, ADHD and Anxiety. After years of working in various settings, she decided to open her practice, Trailside Counseling, in July 2020 in Travelers Rest, SC. Her mission is to provide strength-based therapeutic support to individuals with ASD, ADHD and Anxiety as well as parent education and support. Courtney has shared her knowledge with providers in the community, including but not limited to staff in medical, academic and residential treatment settings. She has a passion for advocacy and education in the community. In her free time, Courtney enjoys being outdoors (hence the name of her practice). She can be found on a hike with one of her dogs, camping with friends, or paddling around a lake in her kayak. She is the proud mom of teenage daughter, Alleigh.


Tosha Rollins is a Licensed Professional Counselor in South Carolina, and owner of Rollins Counseling, LLC. She is also a wife to Travis, and momma to three sons, ages 8-22, and stepmom to Kaylee, who is now in college. She loves adventures, traveling, nature, and spending time with her family. She started the Autism in Action Podcast because she wanted to help families connect with autism resources, services, and support. She became frustrated trying to find an autism trained counselor for her oldest two children on the autism spectrum and realized the shortage of trained professionals across the country. She decided to create the Autism Therapist Network to teach & mentor mental health clinicians


how to feel more confident and competent working with autistic clients and families affected by autism. When she is not seeing clients, homeschooling her youngest son, podcasting, she is spending quality time with her family, and planning her next adventure.

Coming in the Fall:

" Introduction to Veterinary Social Work, What is it?"

Presented by:  Krista Martin, LISW-CP, MSSW


SCSCSW has not vetted all of the opinions, finding, recommendations, or conclusions expressed by our guest presenters. We do not necessarily endorse the material presented as being effective and appropriate within your individual practices. You are responsible for using your own clinical ethics and knowledge of your skills to determine whether and how this material is utilized within your clinical work. We also reserve the right to substitute a qualified instructor for any presentation due to unforeseen circumstances.

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