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The Society for Clinical Social Work is the ONLY organization looking out for Clinical Social Workers in South Carolina.



Membership has its benefits.

Receive access to valuable resources.

  • Elective guild membership

  • Clinical Social Work Journal

  • Well-established position statements and guidelines for ethically-based standards of care

Stay in the know.


  • Updates on State and Federal legislation

  • Updates on clinical trends through State and National newsletters

  • Updates on managed care

Get an advocate with proven success.


  • Licensure efforts for South Carolina

  • Increasing health insurance reimbursement for social workers in South Carolina

  • Monitoring and advocacting legislation that protects and includes clinical social workers as mental health professionals

  • Representation with AASWB, ABECSW, Behavioral Healthcare Tomorrow, Washington Business Group on Health, etc.

  • Advocacy on Capitol Hill in areas of particular interest in our field and to our clients

  • "Media Watch" to insure social work and mental health issues are fairly represented

Extend your education.


Local study groups to enhance learning and obtain CEU's

Make connections.


  • Liaison to related organizations such as APA, NASW, MHA

  • Nationally-based research for marketing and practice development

  • Access to clinical social work peer consultation from across the Nation

  • Legal Assistance through CSWA



The Society for Clinical Social Work is currently accepting new members!



MSW + 4 years experience;

2 supervised




MSW with less than 5 years experience




currently in accredited MSW program




no longer working in a clinical setting


Professional Friends

other clinical license

(i.e. LPC, LMFT)


SAVE $35 year-by-year when you submit a current copy of your CSWA membership certificate.

We are currently running our membership drive so for a limited time you can renew your membership and save $25.00 off each level.

Already a member of NASW?

The Society for Clinical Social Work specializes in the needs of clinical social workers. NASW is a large organization dedicated to important issues that cover a very broad range - the social services, child welfare and many others. It is vital that we in our profession support these efforts. But because in our practices as clinical social workers we have needs that other social workers may not have, the Society for Clinical Social Work's aim is to address those clinical and advocacy needs. NASW cannot provide in-depth "coverage" for all the many and varied aspects of social work so we as clinical social workers need to address these ourselves.

Student memberships have their own rewards!
  • Networking (State-wide directory of clinical social workers in private and agency practice and opportunities to build professional relationships)

  • Educational opportunities (study groups, salon series, annual conference)

  • Reasonable membership rates (student, associate, full, retired)

  • Updated information on clinical trends and legal issues which affect you (State and and Federation newsletters)

  • State and national advocacy for you

  • Reduced subscription rate to the Clinical Social Work Journal

  • Access to resources and mentoring regarding ethics, clinical practice, laws, and more.

“It's a terrific chance to meet people in the field/broaden your social work community, learn about many clinical topics, obtain CEU's, and protect our profession by supporting our clinical society lobbyists. Without these lobbyists, bills could have been passed that would forbid us to make assessments/diagnosis which would, in effect, reduce the need for clinical work.”


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