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Many kinds of problems lead individuals to seek therapy for themselves or those whom they care about.

Grief • Low self esteem • Trauma

Anxiety • Depression • Relationship difficulties • Phobias

Eating Disorders • Dysfunctional Patterns of Behavior

Drug or Alcohol Addiction • Thought Disorders

...and many other conditions

You might need counseling if you have experienced:

a strong desire, but inability to change a particular behavior

a sad mood for more than two weeks

behavioral changes, such as overspending or making other irrational decisions

inability to enjoy your loved ones and/or your loved ones inability to enjoy being with you (i.e. withdrawing or irritable behavior)

a decrease interest in the activities you once enjoyed

distress in your work or personal life thoughts of wanting to die or attempts to hurt yourself

sleep and/or appetite disturbances

difficulty concentrating

racing thoughts

low self esteem


unexplained fatigue

destructive patterns with self or others

anxiety or panic

Some people might come into therapy for

help communicating more effectively with their family, learning healthier coping techniques, or acquiring parenting skills.


Some people just want help resolving one particular situation.

Sometimes people are eager to begin therapy to resolve their difficulties. Others deny that they need help. Sometimes it is only when a person reaches their lowest point or when coerced by a family member or loved one that they seek counseling. Some individuals have reported feeling embarrassed or feeling they are somehow “weak” for needing help. This could not be farther from the truth. It takes a strong person to look at their issues and work through them. Also, we now know that many mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders are not a sign of weakness at all, but are chemical problems that can only be fixed with medical intervention (psychotherapy and/or medicine). Just like cancer, the sooner a condition is treated the greater and quicker the success rate for recovery.

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