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Salon Series  Spring 2023

All Salons are via Zoom


All Salons meet on Thursdays. Programs are presented 6:30 - 8:30 PM, and 2 CEUs are awarded. 

All registrants will be able to log in at 6:30 for presentation.

 April 27th, 2023- Persuing Reproductive Liberation: Applying the Reproductive Justice Framework to 

Clinical Practice

Presenter: Stefani Huey, MSW, LISW-CP

Bio: Stefani is a Licensed Independent Social Worker - Clinical Practice based out of South Carolina and a doctoral candidate at Simmons

University. Centering her practice on reproductive mental health, she sub-specializes in fertility challenges and perinatal/infant loss. Stefani

is committed to social justice, anti-racism, and an LGBTQ+ affirming practice of social work.


At the conclusion of this salon, participants will have:

1.     Cultivated a deeper understanding of the reproductive justice framework and associated theories.

2.     Increased their knowledge on the history of obstetric and reproductive violence within the U.S.

3.     Recognized how racism and oppression within reproductive healthcare impacts clients.

4.     Utilized case vignettes to practice applying the RJ framework in clinical settings.


The U.S. has a history of racism and discrimination embedded in the education and practice of reproductive healthcare which continues to

impact people of reproductive age today. Current racial and social disparities impact maternal and infant mortality, access to healthcare, and

other perinatal outcomes — directly affecting mental well-being. This training will review the Reproductive Justice framework, explore its

application to clinical practice, and address social justice concerns for clients in their reproductive years through a DEIPAR (diversity, equity,

inclusion/intersectionality, power analysis, and anti-racism) lens. 


May 4, 2023

Presenter: Amy Barch, Founder and Executive Director


Title: Turn90: A New Direction After Prison



1.     Attendees will learn about the challenges people face as they reenter prison.

2.     Attendees will learn about the Turn90 program, and the evidence-based model used to help these men succeed.


Bio: In 2012, Amy Barch founded Turn90, a nonprofit with the mission to help men succeed after prison. Prison reentry became her life’s

passion after an internship in a local jail helping incarcerated individuals earn their GED. Turn90 (formerly Turning Leaf) has received national

attention for its innovative, therapeutic approach to reentry, and is currently expanding its footprint by opening a second location in Columbia

and a third in upstate South Carolina. Amy earned a Bachelor’s in Law, Societies and Justice from the University of Washington and is

currently earning a Master’s in Criminal Justice at Arizona State University. She has called Charleston her home since 2010.   

Check back for additional postings! 


SCSCSW has not vetted all of the opinions, finding, recommendations, or conclusions expressed by our guest presenters. We do not necessarily endorse the material presented as being effective and appropriate within your individual practices. You are responsible for using your own clinical ethics and knowledge of your skills to determine whether and how this material is utilized within your clinical work. We also reserve the right to substitute a qualified instructor for any presentation due to unforeseen circumstances.

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