Friday February 19, 2021  (Full Day)

Saturday February 20, 2021  (Half Day) 

All up-to-date COVID precautions will be observed during the conference

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More About Our Speakers:

Claudia Black, Ph. D. is the clinical architect and actively involved in the Claudia Black Young Adult Center at The Meadows. She works with the executive director and clinical director and their team assessing and enhancing the quality of the program. She is frequently on site speaking with clients and family members. She serves as a Senior Fellow and has been a clinical consultant at The Meadows Treatment Center in Arizona since 1998.

Claudia Black’s seminal work with children impacted by substance abuse in the late 1970s created the foundation for the adult child movement. Today Claudia is a renowned author and trainer internationally recognized for her pioneering and contemporary work with family systems and addictive disorders. She sits on the Advisory Board for the National Association of Children of Addiction, and the Advisory Committee for Camp Mariposa®, The Eluna Foundation’s national addiction prevention and mentoring program.


Claudia’ pioneering contributions are many:

  • She would be the first to name and coin the dysfunctional family rules, “Don’t Talk, Don’t Trust, Don’t Feel.”

  • She described the phenomena of delayed stress, emotional trauma, the child’s denial process,

the phenomena of “looking good" kids as they relate to growing up with addiction, and hence the meaning and phraseology of  “Adult Child of Alcoholics”.

  • She utilized art therapy in the context of group work with young children that offered a model for children’s programs for the past three plus decades. 

  • She broke the barrier and openly discussed physical and sexual abuse in the context of addictive families.


Her work, her passion has been ageless and offers a foundation for those impacted by addiction to recover, and gives our professional field a library of both depth and breadth.

Karen Perlmutter, LISW-CP has worked as a therapist in clinic, hospital, and private practice settings for 15 years. She specializes in the treatment of substance abuse and mental illness, with a particular interest in supporting the entire family system through the complex journey of addiction. She has developed an evidence-based course for families coping with a loved one’s addiction.  Karen also aims to share education, support and hope with the community through a variety of speaking forums which have included universities, treatment programs, support groups, National Public Radio, professional training events, and an upcoming Tedx Charleston talk.

In These Workshops You Will Learn:

Friday  February 19, 2021

Objectives - Participants will be able to:


  • Identify how the trauma responses to flight, fight and freeze become acted out in the family impacted by addiction 

  • Delineate the more blatant (Big T) and the more subtle (small t) traumas in the addicted family

  • Recognize relationship of emotional dysregulation to process and substance addictions

  • Describe the relationship of shame to core clinical issues

  • Define emotional abandonment

  • Describe the relationship of abandonment and boundary distortion to the creation of unhealthy shame

  • List 8 shame screens

  • Describe addiction interaction disorders

  • Describe clinical strategies that assist family members to grasp the concept of powerlessness as it relates to healthy boundaries

  • Identify a variety of strategic interventions for use with family members in the treatment process.

  • List appropriate goals in working with family members of varying ages.

  • List seven layers of healing for trauma within the addictive family

Saturday February 20, 2021

Objectives - Participants will be able to: 

  • Develop an understanding of common family dynamics, struggles, and needs when faced with a loved one’s addiction.


  • Develop a deeper understanding of the well-known concept that “addiction is a family disease”, as well as the benefits of “family recovery”.


  • Learn clinical skills to engage and empower families by:

    • Educating and de-stigmatizing around addiction

    • Promoting a healthy family identity and boundaries

    • Increasing effective intra-family communication

    • Offering a healthy approach to coping with relapses and other long-term implications of addiction




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Funds raised during this conference enable us to offer continuing education and legislative directives for our community. Without them, we would not have the voice that we’ve had in past years in Washington DC to advocate for mental health care, nor would we be able to train social workers and other mental health professionals on the newest information regarding evidence-based practices and understanding our clients.  We welcome and appreciate all donations to the SCSCSW!

Conference Schedule

Friday February 19, 2021

7:45-8:45am – Registration & Breakfast provided

8:45-9:00am – Introductions

9:00-10:30am– Presentation  

10:30-10:45am – Break with refreshments

10:45-12:15pm – Presentation

12:15-1:15pm – Lunch

1:15-2:45pm – Presentation

2:45-3:00pm – Break with refreshments

3:00-4:30pm – Presentation

4:30-4:45pm – Evaluation collection and CEU  distribution

*SCSCSW Annual Meeting Immediately Following

 All May Attend*

Saturday February 20, 2021

7:45-8:45am – Breakfast

8:45-10:45am – Presentation

10:45-11:00am – Break with refreshments

11:00-1:00pm – Presentation

1:00-1:15pm – Evaluation collection and CEU distribution


Choice of both days or Friday only (Full Day 6 CEUs)   or Saturday only (Half Day 4 CEUs)

Early Bird Registration will end 12/31/2020.  The Increase Will be $75

Choice of Entire Conference 10 CEUs:  Friday only (Full day 6 CEUs);  Saturday only (Half day 4 CEUs)

Friday Only  (Full day 6 CEUs)

Saturday  Only  (Half day 4 CEUs)

Entire Conference:   Full day Friday/Half day Saturday   10 CEUs

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The schedule only allows for a one-hour lunch break on Friday, therefore we will be offering in-house dining choices to be emailed out at a later date to those who pre-pay. All dietary restrictions will be considered.  Lunch on Friday.

Lunch Friday

Early Bird Registration will end 12/31/2020     The Increase Will be $75

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